April fools come true: part II

Well, Eagle fans, you got what you wanted. However, you will be wishing McNabb was in an Eagles jersey soon after the NFL season kicks off in September.

With McNabb traveling a couple of hours south down I-95, who will take over as the face of the Eagles? Well at least you have Brian Westbrook. No, wait, you cut him…great move. Don’t worry, you still have Brian Dawkins to lead this young team. No, wait, he was traded…hmmm. Honestly, the best role model for this team is David Akers. Nothing against Akers, but kickers aren’t marketable. See Philly fans, you’ll be sorry.

Now that Kolb is the quarterback of the forseeable future, where do the Eagles go from here? Well, if he is the quarterback, I don’t think they’ll go far (at least not right away). To be honest, Vick gives them just as much of a chance to win, if not more of a chance to win, that does Kolb. Yes, he was out of the league for a couple of years, but when he was in the league, he was the most dynamic player in the league, hands down.

Don’t be surprised to see Michael Vick do more per play than Kolb. I say that because upper management probably doesn’t want him to play much. Let’s be real. He seems sorry for what he did, has jumped through the proverbial hoops to get his life back together, and last year showed signs of what he used to be able to do. Now, with an entire offseason with the team and coaches, and one less quarterback to compete with, Michael Vick, if given a legitimate chance to do so, could very well be the face of the Philadelphia Eagles. Kolb can be good, but Vick can be better. That is the truth.

Part III next.

Thanks for reading.


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