April fools come true: part III

This is the third and final part of my initial blog series, entitled “April fools comes true”.

Here are a few facts regarding how great (yes, I mean great) Donovan McNabb was for the Eagles:

-Over his first 11 years in the NFL, Donovan McNabb threw 67 less interceptions than John Elway did in his first 11 years in the NFL.

-Over the last four seasons in the NFL, only ONE quarterback has thrown less interceptions than Donovan McNabb has: Aaron Rodgers. So, over the last four seasons, Donovan McNabb has a better pass attempt to interception ratio than 96.9% of starting quarterbacks (on a 32 quarterback scale).

By the way, before his 12th season, Elway had zero Super Bowl wins…just like McNabb. Who was Elway’s coach when he did win Super Bowls XXXII and XXXIII? Mike Shanahan. Who is McNabb’s coach now? You guessed it! Mike Shanahan. This means McNabb will probably win a ring and finally feel justice after he was booed by Eagles fans when he was drafted.).

You saw it here first.

Thanks for reading.



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2 responses to “April fools come true: part III

  1. These are amazing stats. Where do you find stuff like this?

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