Marshall to Miami

Brandon Marshall has been traded to the Miami Dolphins for Denver’s second round picks in this year’s and next year’s draft. The deal will likely be a four-year deal, worth between $11-12 million per year.

My initial reaction: Does Josh McDaniels want to win or not? It seems like ever since he got there he had a problem with Marshall.  Obviously, Marshall didn’t do much to help his own cause, but still, he is an all-pro receiver. The only ones better than him are Andre Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald. As always in the NFL, there could be, and probably is, something we don’t know about. But I feel like Bill Parcells (the NFL grandfather to Josh McDaniels–Parcells, Belichick, McDaniels) and the Dolphins definitely got the better of this one.

Clearly Miami upgrades over Ted Ginn, Davone Bess and Greg Camarillo (the Dolphins still may trade Ginn). They finally have their first clear-cut starter at QB since Dan Marino, in Chad Henne. Adding Marshall to the mix legitimizes the Miami offense. Instead of stacking the box to stop the run, Marshall is one of the rare players that can beat double teams and make you pay over the top. Henne has a cannon for an arm, which should compliment Marshall’s deep threat ability well.

This move is so big that Randy Moss and Wes Welker are no longer the best receivers in their own division. At this time last year, who thought the AFC East would boast such wide receivers as: Brandon Marshall, Randy Moss, Wes Welker, Braylon Edwards and Santonio Holmes? If you didn’t think this was a passing league before, you know now.

This thought just came to mind: Darrelle Revis vs. Brandon Marshall (at least) twice a year…WOW! Talk about the total package: size, speed, quickness and versatility.

As for the Dolphins’ 1st round draft pick, my first round prediction of who they will take hasn’t changed. If anything, it further enforces the thought that Miami will go defense with that selection. As for the Broncos and their 1st round selection, I still say they go offensive line by picking Mike Iupati. Dez Bryant would make a lot of sense, except McDaniels just got rid of an established all-pro WR with off-field troubles. Why would they take Bryant who isn’t as good or as proven as Marshall, but has a similar negative off-field reputation?

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