Faneca flies west

Alan Faneca, recently released by the New York Jets, has signed a one-year, $2.5 million contract with the Arizona Cardinals.

In addition to this contract, he will receive $5.25 million from the Jets, making his total salary $7.75 million for the 2010 season ($250,000 more than if he would’ve stayed with the Jets).

So, he makes more money, goes to a team that is a contender, and goes to a team whose head coach used to be his coach in Pittsburgh. Ken Wisenhunt coached Faneca in Pittsburgh from 2001-2006. During those six seasons, Faneca was named to the All-Pro 1st team five times.

Great move for the Cardinals, as Faneca can still play at a high level. Now with up-and-comers like Duece Lutui and Levi Brown,  this Cardinal offense line is taking shape.

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