Favre gets ankle fixed; hurdle cleared for 2010 return

Brett Favre had surgery on his injured left ankle today. The operation was perfomed by renowned surgeon Dr. James Andrews.

A loss to the Saints in last year’s NFC Championship game left Favre extremely beaten up, perhaps the most injured he’s ever been after any game in his career.

Favre has started in an astounding 285 straight games, not including the playoffs. If he was going to make it to 286 straight starts, he would need to get his left ankle operated on, which he did this morning. This surgery was thought to be the major hurdle Favre would need to clear if he wanted to play in the 2010 season.

Of course, he won’t be able to rejoin the team immediately, due to necessary rehabilitation from the surgery. However, if he chooses to do so, he should be able to resume team activities by the start of training camp in late July.

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