Who’s the best? Part I

So many times fans argue about which team or which player is better than the other. Since the Super Bowl is a decisive way of determining the best team in the NFL, how can you tell who the best player is? Sure, that’s what the MVP award is for, but that doesn’t take into account linemen, many defensive players, voting independent of media bias, etc.

So, here are the best players from each team in the NFL:


  • Bills: Leodis McKelvin, CB
  • Dolphins: Brandon Marshall, WR
  • Jets: Darrelle Revis, CB
  • Patriots: Wes Welker, WR


  • Bengals: Carson Palmer, QB
  • Browns: Joshua Cribbs, WR
  • Ravens: Haloti Ngata, DL
  • Steelers: Troy Polamalu, SS


  • Colts: Peyton Manning, QB
  • Jaguars: Maurice Jones-Drew, RB
  • Texans: Andre Johnson, WR
  • Titans: Chris Johnson, RB


  • Broncos: Elvis Dumervil, OLB
  • Chargers: Philip Rivers, QB
  • Chiefs: Jamaal Charles, RB
  • Raiders: Nnamdi Asomugha, CB


  • Cowboys: DeMarcus Ware, OLB
  • Eagles: Trent Cole, DE
  • Giants: Eli Manning, QB
  • Redskins: London Fletcher, MLB


  • Bears: Devin Hester, WR
  • Lions: Calvin Johnson, WR
  • Packers: Aaron Rodgers, QB
  • Vikings: Adrian Peterson, RB


  • Buccaneers: Barrett Ruud, ILB
  • Falcons: Matt Ryan, QB
  • Panthers: Jon Beason, MLB
  • Saints: Drew Brees, QB


  • 49ers: Patrick Willis, MLB
  • Cardinals: Larry Fitzgerald, WR
  • Rams: Steven Jackson, RB
  • Seahawks: Lofa Tatupu, MLB

Here is the breakdown of the best players of each team, by position:

  • 7 wide receivers
  • 7 quarterbacks
  • 5 running backs
  • 5 inside linebackers
  • 3 cornerbacks
  • 2 defensive lineman
  • 2 outside linebackers
  • 1 safety

What can we deduce from this information? We know that the NFL is a passing league. It is evidenced by the salaries of quarterbacks and wide receivers. Also, the NFL has tailored rules to benefit the passer and pass-catcher (seemingly, at least).  Tied for first place: wide receivers and quarterbacks.

We also know successful football is largely dependent on a consistently productive running game, as well as linebackers who can consistently shoot gaps and stop the run.  Tied for second place: running backs and inside linebackers.

This was helpful, but to really find out who is the best player in the NFL, check out Part II in my next post.

Thanks for reading.



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3 responses to “Who’s the best? Part I

  1. Jason

    How is Tom Brady not the best player on the Patriots? He is arguably one of the greatest to ever play the game at QB. Welker benefits from the superstars around him. Brady makes the other players superstars.

    • Brady isn’t the best on the Patriots, because Welker is better. Obviously, Brady has a Hall of Fame resume, but that’s not what I’m talking about. The point is who is the best player *now*. Brady will often throw balls with his knees locked/standing still…meaning he isn’t facing a pass rush. Also, many of his passes are dump-offs and screens to Welker, where Welker does all of the hard work. I’m not saying Brady is bad, but I would put Brees, Manning, Rodgers, Rivers, Romo, Schaub in front on Brady.

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