Ocho Uno con Ochocinco? It’s true.

Terrell Owens will sign a one-year contract with the Cincinnati Bengals. He will earn $2 million in salary, with the potential of earning another $2 million in bonuses.

When Cincinnati’s camp opens Thursday, (counting Owens) they will have 11 receivers on their roster. Four of which (Owens, Chad Ochocinco, Antonio Bryant and Matt Jones) have more than three years experience playing in the NFL.

The Bengals, who went 11-5 last season (6-0 in the AFC North), play in a tough division. However, their opponents all share a common weakness: sub-par secondary play.

Owens is coming into his fifteenth year and fifth team in his career. During that time, he’s played for the 49ers (8), Eagles (2), Cowboys (3), Bills (1) and now the Bengals (1).

So, what does he have left?

Owens ranks sixth all-time in receptions (1,006), third all-time in receiving yards (14,951) and third all-time in receiving touchdowns (144). He won’t be able to perform like he used to, but he will most likely be able to play well enough to justify this signing.

Still, Owens has proven that he has trouble being consistently humble. On a team coached by Marvin Lewis and captained by Carson Palmer, humility is a must. Ochocinco has been starting to mature. The Bengals haven’t been getting arrested at all lately. When they have had problems (Rey Malaluga), those problems have been corrected.

The toughest secondary the Bengals face in 2010 will be the New York Jets on Thanksgiving night on NFL Network (Week 12). So Owens will certainly have ample opportunity to quiet his critics this season.

The question is, can he quiet himself?

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One response to “Ocho Uno con Ochocinco? It’s true.

  1. Jason

    Dude, the Bengals look good. I still think the Ravens will take the cake, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

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