Favre retires?

Brett Favre is calling it quits, according to the Star-Tribune.

After a loss to the Saints in last year’s NFC Championship game that left him beaten and battered unlike any other game in his career, the resilient Favre sounded like he had finally had enough.

Favre’s accolades and records are well-known:

  • passes completed: 6,083 (1st all-time)
  • passes attempted: 9,811 (1st all-time)
  • passing yardage: 69, 329 (1st all-time)
  • passing TDs: 497 (1st all-time)
  • passing yards per game: 239.9 (5th all-time)
  • passes intercepted: 319 (1st all-time)
  • times sacked: 503 (2nd all-time)
  • regular season games started: 285 (2nd all-time)

Certainly, he is a first-ballot hall of fame quarterback. He won three consecutive MVP awards from 1995-1997. He’s a Super Bowl winning quarterback (XXXI, 1996).

However, no one in the history of football has thrown more passes to the wrong team than Favre has. Favre’s first professional pass was an interception. His last passes as a Packer, Jet and Viking were all interceptions.

Even still, perhaps what he will be best known for was his dogged durability. Favre has started in 285 consecutive games (309 counting playoff games). The next closest player on that list is Peyton Manning, with 192 (210 counting playoffs) consecutive starts.

Favre’s decision is reportedly hinging upon the lack of strength in his surgically repaired left ankle. Even if he came back, he’d be hard-pressed to duplicate his success in 2009 .

“The last-second touchdown pass on which Greg Lewis made a remarkable catch against San Francisco and the missed field goal by Baltimore with 2 seconds left come to mind as examples of games that could have gone the other way.” “What are the odds that I have another season like that, even if I play well?” Favre asked.-Judd Zulgad, startribune.com

19 years is a long time for someone to work in any profession. It’s a virtual eternity for an NFL QB. According to the NFLPA and the Sporting News, the average career for an NFL player is four years. That stat alone tells you how much Favre loves football.

Where do the Vikings go from here? They are essentially right where they started before Favre was on their team; choosing between Tavares Jackson or Sage Rosenfels.

No matter who starts for the Vikings, and even if Favre comes back from retirement for a third time, the Vikings will be fighting for a wild card birth. The division winners in the NFC should be: Packers, Saints, Cowboys and 49ers. Atlanta should definitely claim one of the wild card spots, if not win the NFC South outright.

Favre played 19 years for four different teams, and he played in 285 consecutive regular season games. No matter how you think of him, you’ve got to respect him.

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