Andre Johnson gets paid

Texans WR Andre Johnson, the best receiver in the NFL, got his wish today–a very lucrative contract extension.

Johnson has wanted an extension for a while, even though he has five years remaining on his current deal. With this extension, Johnson will be paid $73.5 million over the next seven years (through 2016).

Both Johnson and team management wanted him to be a Texan for life. This deal all but guarantees Johnson will retire having played for one team during his career: the Houston Texans.

For a team like Houston on the verge of the playoffs, locking up your best player in a long-term deal is of the utmost importance. Johnson has never had off-field (or on-field) problems–a refreshing reminder that an athlete can be the most talented at his position, while still remaining humble.

(For the record and in my opinion, NFL WRs rank this way:

  • 1) Andre Johnson
  • 2) Larry Fitzgerald
  • 3) Brandon Marshall
  • 4) Wes Welker
  • 5) Reggie Wayne

In an injury-shortened 2007 season, Johnson only played in nine games, but still recorded 60 catches for 851 yards and 8 touchdowns. Over his seven-year career, Johnson is averaging 84 catches for 1,135 yards and 6 touchdowns per year.

Certainly, he’s shown consistency. And in the NFL, consistent excellence is worth every penny.

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