Spiller signs with Bills; Okung signs with Seahawks

The Buffalo Bills and RB C.J. Spiller have reached an agreement on contract terms. Spiller’s deal will be for five years, and will be worth $25 million ($20.8 million guaranteed).

The deal could be worth up $37.5 million, according to sources.

Spiller, the ninth overall pick in this year’s NFL Draft, now becomes the biggest playmaker on the Bills offense. Lee Evans, Fred Jackson and Marshawn Lynch are solid contributors. But with olympic-caliber speed, even NFL defenders would hopeful to catch Spiller in the open field.

As Spiller was agreeing to his first professional contract, he was texting back and forth with Bills legend and Hall-of-Fame RB Thurman Thomas. If there is anyone Spiller wants as a mentor, Thomas is the guy.

Of course, for a running back to succeed in the NFL, they need a solid offensive line. As are many positions with the Bills, that position is a work in progress. Even still, signing Spiller should produce impressive results before fairly quickly.

Seattle Seahawks LT Russell Okung, the sixth overall pick, has also reached an agreement, according to sources. Okung’s contract will be worth $48.5 million over six years ($29 million guaranteed).

That is a lot of money to committ to a rookie. But like we’ve seen this off-season with top draft picks, money is no object when it comes to signing franchise players (quarterbacks and left tackles).

The Seahawks need a running back/playmaker. The Bills need a franchise left tackle.

If only Spiller and Okung could play on the same team… 

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