Revis finally signs

According to the Daily News, Darrelle Revis has ended his 36-day holdout, and will sign a four-year deal worth $46 million ($32 million guaranteed).

Revis was originally looking for $16 million per year ($1 million per year more than the NFL’s highest-paid cornerback, Nnamdi Asomugha).

In the end, this deal will be more than $4 million less than he wanted. That was what the Jets were offering all along, but why now does Revis accept it?

Maybe he didn’t want to be a part of Hard Knocks…or training camp.

At least Brett Favre came to training camp.

The three most important elements to success in the NFL are: 1) Effective, consistent QB play; 2) Team chemistry; 3) Staying healthy.

The Jets are healthy. Their QB is improving, but won’t win them games right now.

Their team chemistry? Who knows.

Revis is the best corner in the league. But he’s not on the level of a Peyton Manning or Ray Lewis.

In other words, he hasn’t been great for over a decade, he hasn’t won an MVP award, he hasn’t won a Super Bowl, etc. So for him to put himself above the team and holdout of camp, when the Jets clearly want to win this year, isn’t a good move.

The Jets have too much personality on their team as it is. The situation with Revis doesn’t help. Players will say one thing on camera or on mic, but you know they can’t stand when someone gets so much attention and isn’t working as hard as they are at camp.

The Jets’ week 1 opponent: the Baltimore Ravens, Monday Night Football, 7 p.m, one week from tonight.

Here we go.

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