Brady gets paid

After years of re-structuring his contract to accommodate other players’ contractual requests, Tom Brady may be getting his reward.

Brady will reportedly sign a three year contract worth $58 million. I’m guessing the guaranteed money should be around $42 million.

Brady is scheduled to make $6.5 million in salary this season. His new contract will pay him over $19 million (on average) per season.

So all is well in New England, right?


Now reports are surfacing that Patriots star WR Randy Moss wants more money. Moss is scheduled to make $6.4 million this year, but hinted that if he didn’t get re-upped, then this would be his last season playing for the Patriots.

Who deserves it more? Brady, because he’s won three Super Bowls, been with the team throughout his entire career and he’s helped the organization sign other players by taking less money himself.

On the flip side, Randy Moss has probably the most raw talent in the history of the wide receiver position, and has played outstanding football while in New England.

In other words, Moss has leverage too. Not only does he have the resume to merit a big contract, but if he decides he’s done in New England, who else will Brady throw to? Wes Welker is the best slot receiver in the league, but without Moss taking multiple defenders away from Welker, the Patriots passing game will basically cease to exist.

For now, the Patriot’s franchise player got paid like he deserves to be paid. Next up, your second best player wants more money.

If the AFC East isn’t a top division in terms of talent, it certainly is in terms of story lines.

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