Week 6 picks

As I wrote in “Week 5 in review”, that was embarrassing. I know I picked just about every favorite, but I still thought I would do okay.

This week, my picks are more balanced, and I will do something that you won’t believe.

The Steelers are involved.

Ugh…to the picks we go.

  • SD (-8) @ STL, 45=SD, over
  • KC @ HOU (-4.5), 44.5=KC, over
  • BAL @ NE (-2.5), 44.5=BAL, under
  • NO (-4.5) @ TB, 43.5=TB, over
  • ATL @ PHI (-2.5), 42.5=ATL, under
  • DET @ NYG (-10), 44.5=DET, under
  • SEA @ CHI (-6.5), 37.5=CHI, under
  • MIA @ GB (-3), 44=GB, under
  • CLE @ PIT (-13.5), 37.5=PIT, under
  • NYJ (-3) @ DEN, 41.5=NYJ, over
  • OAK @ SF(-6.5), 41=OAK, over
  • DAL @ MIN (-1.5), 44.5=DAL, over
  • IND (-3) @ WAS, 44=IND, under
  • TEN (-3) @ JAX, 44.5=JAX, over

all spreads according to Wynn LV

Lock of the week: BAL (+2.5) @ NE

Upset of the week: BAL (+2.5) @ NE

Survivor pick (straight-up): Pittsburgh over Cleveland

Must-see game of the week: Baltimore @ New England

A Baltimore win in New England would put them at 5-1, going home to host 0-5 Buffalo.  Baltimore could be 6-1 heading into the bye week, when they will likely get S Ed Reed and WR Donte’ Stallworth back from injury.

The Patriots want to prove their “no one is above the team” mantra once again. What better way to avenge last year’s playoff loss to Baltimore by beating them without Randy Moss. New England is also 8-0 after bye weeks under Bill Belichick (4-0 against Buffalo).

So yeah…this is a big game. Unlike Dallas at Minnesota.

The reason that game is being hyped is because the media members who picked them want to save face and are desperately hoping one of those two teams does well. You are what your record says you are.

Yes, I picked both of those teams to make the playoffs, and they still may. But as of now, they are average football teams. Of course they have a lot of talent, but you don’t win Super Bowls with one player. It takes 53 players playing together.

Shout out to my man Rob Marine aka @Bobby Liiite who is en route to Foxborough to root on the Ravens.


Thanks for reading.


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