NFL player safety video; player reaction

The NFL has sent each team a four minute video depicting the difference between legal and illegal hits. The video is narrated by Ray Anderson, Executive VP of Football Operations for the league.

Anderson reiterates how first-time offenders and repeat offenders alike will be held accountable, regardless of intent.

“Initial contact in the neck or head area, with a forearm, shoulder or helmet is prohibited,” said Anderson. “You are accountable, even though you are aiming at a moving target.”

Anderson also referred to legal hits, and how players can play “tough, clean” football, all within the rules. “Proper technique that minimizes risk of injury to the opponent…this is what we’re asking.”

As you may have heard and can imagine, many players were rubbed the wrong way with the heightened severity of discipline regarding these kinds of hits.

Even players that aren’t mainstream stars are fired up, as evidenced by Minnesota Vikings P Chris Kluwe’s picture he posted on his twitter page.

Chris Kluwe’s reaction (profanity censored)

In his closing remarks, Anderson states the following: “Gentlemen, you must know that player safety is our highest priority. We will not apologize for, or be defensive about, aggressive enforcement to protect players from illegal and potentially life-altering blows to the head and neck.”

The players and the league still are without a new CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement), right? Oh boy.

If you thought these two sides were at odds before, think again.

Thanks to Rob Marine, Fast Football’s Insider, for finding this video and that twitpic from Chris Kluwe’s twitter page.

Thanks for reading.


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