Week 7 point spread predictions

This will be the last week of the season that I pick every game.

A) I’ve been having a couple of poor weeks, B) It’s more effective for both of us that I only pick a few big games rather than every game, and C) Rob Marine and I will be going head to head in our picks to compete for a yet to be determined prize.

Here are my week 7 picks:

  • PIT (-3) @ MIA, 40.5=PIT, under
  • CIN @ ATL (-3.5), 43=ATL, over
  • JAX @ KC (-9), 37.5=KC, over
  • PHI @ TEN (-3), 42.5=PHI, under
  • WAS @ CHI (-3), 40=WAS, under
  • CLE @ NO (-13), 43.5=CLE, over
  • BUF @ BAL (-13), 40=BAL, over
  • SF (-3) @ CAR, 35=SF, under
  • STL @ TB (-3), 38.5=STL, over
  • ARI @ SEA (-6.5), 40= ARI, over
  • NE @ SD (-3), 47.5=NE, under
  • OAK @ DEN (-7.5), 42=OAK, over
  • MIN @ GB (-2.5), 44=GB, under
  • NYG @ DAL (-3.5), 44=NYG, over

*all spreads according to Wynn LV

Lock of the week: Baltimore (-13) vs. Buffalo

Upset of the week: Philadelphia +3 @ Tennessee

Survivor pick (straight up): Kansas City over Jacksonville

Must-see game of the week: N.Y. Giants @ Dallas

Now, for the Games of the week, as picked by Rob Marine and Mike Fast (straight up):

Rob’s picks:

  • MIAMI over Pittsburgh
  • TENNESSEE over Philadelphia
  • MINNESOTA over Green Bay
  • DALLAS over N.Y. Giants
  • Upset of the week: CINCINNATI over Atlanta

Mike’s picks:

  • PITTSBURGH over Miami
  • PHILADELPHIA over Tennessee
  • GREEN BAY over Minnesota
  • N.Y. GIANTS over Dallas
  • Upset of the week: WASHINGTON over Chicago

In the interest of full disclosure, come Monday, Fast Football will begin a new format:

Monday: Monday night preview (of that night’s game)

Tuesday: Week in review

Wednesday: MVP watch

Thursday: Tweets of the week

Friday: Games of the week/upset picks

Rob and I hope you enjoy the new format, as we will produce material at least five times a week for your viewing pleasure.

Thanks for reading.



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