Vikings waive Moss

Just 26 days after the Vikings acquired WR Randy Moss from the Patriots in exchange for a third-round draft pick, the Vikings have waived Moss, according to Michael Lombardi.

After the Vikings lost to the Patriots yesterday, 28-18, Moss stated he wouldn’t answer any more questions for the rest of the season. He also stated that he missed the Patriots players and how it was hard for him to play in Minnesota.

With Brett Favre being all kinds of injured and WR Sidney Rice still a couple of weeks away from returning, the Vikings must have really been upset with Moss to release him, in light of how fragile their team currently is.

Not only was Vikings Head Coach Brad Childress in disagreement with Brett Favre before, he now seems to have lost control and the collective respect of the team.

Minnesota is currently 2-5 and in third place in the NFC North. Their toughest remaining games are both at home: week 11 vs. Green Bay and week 14 vs. New York (Giants).

As far as where Moss could go, more than a team that needs a big-play wide receiver or is close to the playoffs, he will go to a team that harps on discipline.

Indianapolis, Kansas City, Pittsburgh, San Fransisco and New England are teams that could use a deep threat, and have coaches/front office personnel that are disciplinarians. Whoever picks him up will have to pay Moss $6.4 million for the remaining nine weeks of the season (according to Chris Mortensen).

This tells me the Vikings are  officially looking toward next season, with too much discord, injuries and ground to make up.

If teams try to change Moss and/or give him an ultimatum, don’t be surprised if he retires.

Moss started November by taking full control of headlines in the sports world.

Your move, Brett.

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