Tweets of the week: week 9

As you know, every Thursday we do the “Tweet of the Week”. Well, in light of this very eventful week in the NFL, we’re going to feature a few tweets.

The first was a Re-Tweet from NFL insider, Adam Schefter, regarding Randy Moss and some of his reactions and things he said during a press conference which included Moss stating that he will be interviewing himself from now on. Shortly thereafter, the Vikings waived him.

  • @Adam_Schefter Another intriguing question. RT @Elijosdad: When should we expect Randy Moss to ask Randy Moss how he feels about being waived?

The Second tweet of the week comes from Tennessee Titans Safety, Michael Griffin. His tweet really shows how much the Titans are glad to have star WR Randy Moss, and what his presence can do for the team.

  • @MikeGriff33 Welcome Randy Moss to the Titans. Prayers answered.

The final tweet of the week comes from Buffalo Bills CB Reggie Corner, who recently just joined twitter, so we’re giving him a shout out (plus his tweet is rather comical). You’ve got to love the old school show MARTIN with Martin Lawrence, and don’t forget about Sheneneh.

  • @reggiecorner27 when push come to shuve’ and there is nuthn on t.v, what do u do… i know…put on a MARTIN DVD(any season), never can never go wrong….

Alright I’m out. Enjoy your day.


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