Week 11 in review

The balance of power still remains with the Patriots, Falcons and Jets, who all improved to 8-2 after wins on Sunday.

The Bears, Ravens, Packers, Saints, Steelers, Buccaneers and Eagles also won in week 11, pushing their respective records to 7-3.

In the game of the week, New England held on to win a close game, 31-28. Peyton Manning had the ball in his hands and was driving for a game-winning score in the final minute of regulation, but was picked off by James Sanders.

The loss sends the Colts to second place (by virtue of a head to head loss to the Jaguars) and a 6-4 record. That is significant, because the Colts will have to win every game for the rest of the season to win 12 games for the eighth consecutive time.

Speaking of the Colts, I picked them to win with my heart, as I wanted the Patriots to lose and shake things up even more in the AFC playoff picture.

As it is, I went 2-3 with my picks this week, bringing my overall record to 13-12.

Rob went 4-1, to improve his overall record to 12-13.

Since this is Thanksgiving week, there will be a lot of food, football and extra stress since there will be more football on Thursday, and a longer time to wait to see the final results from week 12.

But instead of getting ahead of myself, here are my awards for week 11.

Offensive Player of the Week: Aaron Rodgers, QB, Green Bay Packers

  • 22/31 (71.0%), 301 yards, 4 TD, 0 INT; 3 rushes, 21 yards
  • In Rodgers’ last two games, he’s thrown for 590 yards, seven touchdowns and no interceptions. He also effectively ended Brett Favre’s final playoff bid.

Defensive Player of the Week: Kevin Bentley, LB, Houston Texans

  • 8 tackles (6 solo), 2 tfl, 1 pass defensed, 1 fumble recovery, 1 INT (18 yards)
  • Bentley’s interception return to the NYJ ten yard line with 1:52 remaining in regulation should have been the difference in the game. Houston was up by one point, but only ran 57 seconds off the clock and came away with a field goal.
  • This left the door open for Mark Sanchez to throw the game-winning touchdown to Santonio Holmes with ten seconds left.

Highlight of the Week: Ed Reed and Ray Lewis seal the deal

  • Derrick Mason reached 900 career receptions (13th all-time)
  • T.J. Houshmanzadeh reached 600 career receptions (53rd all-time)
  • Ed Reed reached 50 career interceptions (T-31st all-time)
  • Ray Lewis reached 30 career interceptions (2nd player ever to have 30+ sacks and 30+ interceptions–Rodney Harrison)

Here is what Rob thought of all that went on in week 11.

Week 11 is in the books and wow, what a week it was. Where to start?

Well I’m going to start with the Green Bay “Coach Killers”–I mean the Packers. In week 9, they demolished the Cowboys 45-7, and Wade Phillips was fired the next day.

In week 11, the Packers whopped the Vikings 31-3, and Brad Childress was also subsequently fired the next day.

Could we see the same thing in week 13 when the Packers play the 49ers (3-7)? I’m quite sure Mike Singletary is dreading that game.

The Bears beat the Dolphins on Thursday night, 16-0, in the “Boring Bowl”. I mean that game was like watching grass grow.

The Bengals aka “the Bungles” don’t score a single point in the second half and give up 35 points, as they eventually lost to the Buffalo Bills, 49-31. Marvin Lewis, you may want to start looking elsewhere for a job now, just to be prepared.

The J-E-T-S, JETS! JETS! JETS! win again in dramatic fashion. How you ask? Oh, well none other than Santonio Holmes of course, who did the trick for the third week in a row.

In week 9, Holmes made plays to set up a game winning field goal (in overtime). In week 10 he won the game himself, as he caught the game winning touchdown pass with less than a minute left in Cleveland.Then this past week, he caught the game winning touchdown with ten seconds left on the clock.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Jets are backing up all that smack they talked before the season and their golden boy, Mark Sanchez, is for real and has them sharing the best record in the AFC with the Patriots at 8-2.

The battle for the NFC East had been decided and the Eagles come out on top with another solid performance by Michael Vick. It was a four quarter, smash-mouth, grid iron battle. The Giants just didn’t make plays when it mattered. The Eagles are 7-3, in first place in the NFC East and are hot right now. No one wants to play them.

Our game of the week was what we thought it would be: another great showdown in the AFC, between the Colts and the Patriots.

Peyton Manning looked like he was going to set up either a game-winning touchdown drive or a game tying field goal with under a minute to go.

Too bad James Sanders had other plans, picking off Manning’s pass intended for Wayne at the six yard line, effectively ending the game.

Now the Patriots share the best record in the NFL with the Jets and Falcons (8-2).

Offensive Player of the Week: Greg Jennings, WR, Green Bay Packers

  • 7 catches, 152 yards (21.7 average), 3 TD
  • The Green Bay Packers did work against the Vikings, led by my man Aaron Rodgers (split decision between him and Jennings for offensive player of the week).
  • Jennings is always a reliable target for Rodgers, but this week they both went off leaving the Viking stunned, deflated and at a miserable 3-7.
  • By the way, Minnesota head coach Brad Childress was fired after this 31-3 massacre.

Defensive Player of the Week: Justin Tuck, DE, New York Giants

  • 7 tackles (6 solo), 3 sacks, 2 forced fumbles
  • Justin Tuck had a monster game, trying to stop the explosive Michael Vick and the Eagles offense. Tuck gave his best defensive effort on Sunday night to keep his team in the game. While Tuck had a great night, the Giants could not come away with the win.

Standout Player of the Week: Steve Johnson, WR, Buffalo Bills

  • 8 catches, 137 yards, (17.1 average), 3 TD
  • The Bills went into Sunday’s game at 1-8 vs. the struggling Bengals. Things seemed to be normal as the Bills were down 31-14 at halftime. Not only did the Bills put up 35 second half points, they also shut out the Bengals, allowing zero points in the second half as well.
  • Bills WR Steve Johnson has quietly had a pretty good season thus far and this past Sunday was no different, as he greatly contributed to the Bills comeback win and earned Fast Football’s standout player of week award.

In case you missed it…

Pittsburgh Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger said something to Oakland Raiders DE Richard Seymour and apparently Seymour did NOT like what Big Ben had to say. So, he punched him in the face. Big Ben got the last laugh, as Seymour was immediately ejected (and later fined $25,000) and the Steelers rolled to victory, 35-3. http://bit.ly/fK61wE

“C’Mon Man”

The Minnesota Vikings aren’t having the best season in 2010 as they are currently 3-7, their head coach Brad Childress was just fired, Brett Favre isn’t playing well at all and I think it’s safe to say they are officially out of the playoff race.

But the “C’mon Man” award of week 11 has to go to the Vikings organization for an embarrassing screw up.

Eight year veteran and five time Pro-Bowl defense tackle Kevin Williams had his last name was spelled wrong on Sunday.

Kevin Williams' name spelled wrong

I understand typos on a computer or pronouncing a player’s name wrong, but spelling your stud defensive tackle’s name wrong on his jersey is inexcusable.

So to the Minnesota Vikings organization…C’Mon Man!!!

The week 12 action starts in just two days, but we will keep you updated on all you need to know. Stay tuned.

Thanks for reading.


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