Week 12 tweet of the week

Usually we send out our tweet of the week on Thursday. However, due to the early start in week 12, I did my picks yesterday.

Also, as you may be shopping or waiting in line, we wanted to save this one for you. Besides, it was only tweeted 37 minutes ago.

The week 12 tweet of the week comes to you from none other than the G.T.O.A.T (Greatest Tweeter of All-Time), unofficially, of course.

“@ochocinco: We r off till Monday, I am gonna want to work out every day until then,maybe that’s why I can’t go in,I’m gonna do doughnuts n da parkn lot”

Enjoy your day. Be patient in the stores and on the roads…it will pay off.

Also, Fast Football picks the following teams to win in NCAA football rivalry week action: ALA over Auburn, OSU over Michigan, OU over Oklahoma State & UF over Florida State.

Thanks for reading.



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