Madden 12: “Club 100”

EA Sports Madden 2012 is turning to Sportsnation to hold a voting session from August 22nd – 26th to give a chance for a few madden players to receive the very rare “100” rating in a certain category. We first saw this in Madden 2008 when a few players already had the 100 ratings such as: Devin Hester (speed), Champ Bailey (man coverage), Lorenzo Neal (impact blocking), Tom Brady (awareness), Reggie Bush (acceleration), Larry Allen (strength), Ladanian Tomlinson (elusiveness and juke move) and Peyton Manning (awareness).

Here are the categories and candidates for Madden 2012 “Club 100” voting

Speed: Chris Johnson, Desean Jackson, Jamaal Charles, Devin Hester, Jacoby Ford

Elusiveness: Jamaal Charles, Adrian Peterson, Danny Woodhead, LeSean McCoy, Ray Rice

Throw Accuracy: Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Philip Rivers

Spectacular Catch: Calvin Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, Dez Bryant, Brandon Lloyd, Braylon Edwards

Hit Power: Clay Matthews, Patrick Willis, Ray Lewis, James Harrison, Rey Maulauga

My vote for each are as follows:

Speed: Desean Jackson

Elusiveness: Jamaal Charles

Throw Accuracy: Peyton Manning

Spectacular Catch: Calvin Johnson

Hit Power: Patrick Willis

Who would you vote for to be in “Club 100” ???

Make sure to check out Sportsnation Club 100 Voting Schedule to cast your vote!


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