Colts Should Trade Top Pick If It’s Theirs

Maybe I’m in the minority, but if I was the Indianapolis Colts and I had the #1 overall pick in April’s draft, I’d trade it.

Peyton Manning is worth keeping, even though he’s aging and his health isn’t optimum.

As good as Andrew Luck is and could be, he hasn’t proven he’s a guaranteed winner in the NFL.

The only way the Colts should trade Manning is if he was physically unable to play at the level we’ve seen him play at. But if that’s the case, no one will want to take him.

Say the Colts do select Luck. He won’t start in front of Manning.

In all likelihood, Manning has four solid years left. Are you really going to sit your #1 pick for four years in today’s “win now” era of the NFL? I doubt it.

As good as Luck is, the Colts picking him presents more problems than solutions.

I said I’d trade the #1 pick if I had it. Use the value of Luck’s stock to your advantage.

With Luck being the best prospect since…Peyton Manning…the Colts could trade the pick and potentially get a first and second round picks this year, and maybe a conditional first/second round pick in the future. It’s definitely possible.

If that happened, the Colts would accomplish a lot. They’d retain Manning, keeping him happy and not have to train and teach a brand new rookie quarterback.

Moreover, the teams really wanting this pick from Indianapolis will probably be picking in the top 10.

So if there was a trade, the Colts could still likely pick either: Matt Barkley (USC), Landry Jones (Oklahoma) or any other top quarterback prospect.

Any of those prospects don’t have the hype Luck has, thus creating an easier transition for them and for the Colts.

In the NFL, you do not want to take any unnecessary chances. The #1 goal, bar none, is to win.

Luck may be a winner.

Manning is a winner.

Thanks for reading.



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One response to “Colts Should Trade Top Pick If It’s Theirs

  1. Gopi

    Fast, Haven’t read this in a while but love it.

    Quick comment though; The Colts should definitly take Luck, even if Payton is healthy. You said it yourself, this is a win now league and if Payton is health the Colts can win now and in a couple years when he retires. Backing up a hall of fame quarterback is what happened to Rodgers and his career seems to be turning out well. Also, if Luck sits for a while the hype will fade, he will adjust to the league and have the chance to play with time under his belt. The kid is the best QB prospect since Elway. You gotta give those Stanford boys some love.

    Love ya homie,


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